Third party licensing deals are nothing new. They are responsible for the expansion of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of businesses in almost every sector. These rights develop into cross border relationships that span the globe. ILOs are the modern days answer to third party licensing deals, and it’s time you got involved.


Conducting an ILO is no different in principle to the tried and tested third party licensing deal. The key difference is that the offering is organised and therefore, structured to scale. Instead of selling a few, an ILO offering is designed to sell thousands.

Imagine thousands of licence holders, all selling your product essentially free of charge. For any product, technology or service the scope is immense.

ILOs allow you to raise capital upfront, in the form of revenue, to expand your sales base and marketing activities whilst exponentially expanding your marketing capabilities and audience.

Are you ILO ready?

  • Is your business revenue ready?
  • Do you have the capacity to fulfil large orders?
  • Can you prove your projected revenue for the next three years?
  • Are you willing to promise a share of your revenue to your new licencees?
  • Do you want to raise money for marketing and promotion purposes?
  • Yes? Then you’re ready to launch an ILO.

The technical bit

If you are ILO ready, work out your initial offering with the help of ILO Quote and ILO Sales.

These platforms auto-generate a term sheet, taking you through the setup process, and establishing whether an ILO is possible for your company. Your term sheet will also generate and confirm the information needed to get your company listed on the ILO Exchange

Once listed, ILO Exchange performs various checks including Due Diligence. When you ILO offering is accepted a green sheet is auto-generated along with a series of documents to be signed by your board. Once signed, your ILO is ready for launch.

Find a full breakdown of how to list an ILO here.


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